Beer Flight Podcast


Scotland + Whisky, pt 2

September 17, 2020

Scotland is a beautiful and majestic country and they don’t mind waiting a generation to enjoy a glass of scotch if it means the drink comes out perfect. In this episode, we take a tour of Scottish whisky to talk different malts and blends, notable distilleries, impact on the local economy, and more. We invite our friend, Dave Kuhn, to take us on this journey through Scotland and give a primer for those not acquainted with the water of life. In part 2, we continue the discussion but add in a tasting of a variety of scotches of varying levels of alcohol, peat, and flavor. We talk about different ways to enjoy scotch, the different regions, odd industry terms, and playing golf in Scotland. You do not need to listen to part 1 to enjoy this episode but we encourage you do so. 

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